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Thursday, July 12th 2012

8:10 PM

Youngest boys nudes


Related article: Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 13:13:18 +1100 (EST) From: erica milligan Subject: holley to lizIt's a story that tells of my deceptiveness when I had sex with Maria's girl friend. It had been some time in coming but I think that both Liz and I knew it would happen eventually.I hope you enjoy reading it and should you wish to e-mail me my address it erica_muggsyahoo.com.auIn the period since I last saw Holley I've continued to receive lots of e-mail messages and the occasional `phone call. This weekend has been no exception however she's been most insistent that I find some youngest boys gallery way to meet up with her again and by way of inspiration she used all those nasty words that I used to dislike so much. Words like cunt, pussy and fuck for example used to distress me no end but more recently she took to calling me a "whore" a word that really upset me. The word "whore" however has ceased to have its horrific effect on me and when she used it whilst she was fucking me I got even more excited. After our last meeting at my home, where she stayed with me for four days, I was happy to see her leave. That was not because of dissatisfaction with her it was only so I could get some rest, she'd played with me and toyed with me the whole time xxx young illegal she'd been there. I'd been fucked so often that my lips, my breasts little young fuck and nipples, my College sex young pussy lips were all so sore with her continual attention that I needed time to recover.But such is the way of we humans that almost immediately she'd left I wanted her back again. Since then I've masturbated continually (for those of you in North America I believe the term is "jilling") and now, rather than be sore from her attentions it's been my own attention that's making me sore. Every time the `phone has rung since she left I've run to answer it hoping it would be her but mostly I've been disappointed, more often than not it's been one of those damned nuisances from India or some other country trying to interest you in some damned telephone scheme or another. If you've run from one end of the house to the other you feel as though you could cheerfully strangle them especially when you're hoping for a really important young small porn call.Really important calls! Oh how I'd love one from Holley right now, just to hear her voice and to hear her whispering all those disgusting names, especially whore, in my ear as she fucks me is one of those things that I've spent my days dreaming about since we last met. But this morning has been a wonderful American bank young morning for e-mail messages. First I had one from Madeline my first girl friend and then one from Holley whom you already know about and then one from Gerry, Holley's mother. I was still on cloud nine from reading them and answering them too. All of the females had been so sensuous in their messages particularly Madeline whom I hadn't seen for ages. But all of them had been exciting and I was still riding a peak of practically being orgasmic from the messages and my messages in reply to them. They must have been aware, that's each of them separately, that I'd been excited by their messages to me and I needed to take care of myself but who or which one should I think about as I masturbated.I'd been staring out of the window imagining myself in a state of undress being seduced by one of them so I wasn't really paying attention to the world around me. It came as a shock when there was a gentle knock at the door followed by the door swinging open. Another shock followed as I saw whom free young girl it was stood in the doorway, it was Liz, Maria's girlfriend. "What the hell are you doing here"? I asked College sex young her but she just came over and put her arms around me and naturally I responded by putting my arms around her. She said, "Maria and I have had the most awful row about something or another this morning and she's gone off to her little job leaving me in tears". "What on earth could you girls row about that would leave you in this state"?She said Maria had accused her of imagining she was fucking ME last night when they were in bed, (just a little insertion here to say "if only it was true".), Maria really hitting the roof after that accusation. She'd stormed off to sleep on the lounge and left Liz there in bed on her own. When she'd got up Maria had already dressed ready for her job and despite Liz begging her to calm down she gone out the door in a "huff" slamming it behind her. Liz had gone off to work at school but having a free period or two during the day rather than sit around worrying about it she'd decided to come and see me. The older girls that she would have normally been teaching had all left following the end of their exams hence the free time.All this time of course I was still holding her and frankly this was discomforting me. We'd recently had a sexual escapade in which she teased me and then smilingly watched me masturbate before leaving for home. This knowledge wasn't helping me one bit, on the one hand I wanted to comfort my daughter's girl friend but on the other hand I was remembering what had happened so recently. She was still sobbing although she appeared to have calmed down a bit and whilst she was still in my arms, frankly I wanted her to stay there. The feel of her breasts against mine together with the sensuous messages I'd not long since read were making me quite horny again. Each time she sobbed her breasts moved against mine and even though it was torture I didn't want it to stop, it was playing havoc with my emotions.I think I'm a fairly compassionate woman and if I'd been holding one of my own kids I would have been kissing them on the head and unfortunately during this time I now found myself kissing Liz's head. It only needed her to move her head one little bit and instead of my kiss landing in her hair it would land on her face, perhaps her ear or god forbid even on her lips.Did I want that? I have to accept that I'm a "lusty" woman, I love lesbian sex and the longer I held on to Liz the more apparent it became that I couldn't really trust myself. Her closeness was affecting my breasts and nipples so that my already large nipples were being extended with my rising passion and there was a firmness about my breasts that hadn't been there before. I'd turned my head hoping that Liz would move hers so when she did our lips brushed each other's. The feeling to me was electrifying and hearing the catch in her breathing I knew it was for her too. Remember she'd been the aggressor in our previous meeting and knowing what kind of a woman I am it would be up to her nude young blondes to commence any sexual proceedings.Breathing deeply to lift her breasts she responded to me by taking my head between her hands and drawing me to her she'd kissed me young teen masterbation with her silky tongue. It had not penetrated my mouth; it had just run along my lips. That had young lesb been enough to stir me although I knew I shouldn't let go of my feelings, I should College sex young remember that Liz is my daughter's girlfriend but unfortunately remembering our last time I let myself go again, bitch that I am. "Oh Liz" I said," don't do this if you don't mean it, remember the last time when you youngest pdedo boys left me to masturbate in front of you? If you don't mean it I'll never speak to you again". But she took me into the lounge room and sat me down on the settee sitting next to me and holding my hand. `You know I don't want to cheat on Maria don't you?" she'd asked but before I could answer she'd continued to tell me that "she'd wanted me since the very first time we'd met". I was sobbing now, knowing that she wanted me just as much as I wanted her but my daughter Maria was the problem. Holding my hand so tight she said "when we first met I'd come out of my bedroom after undressing so I could see her almost naked body"."Did you like it?" she'd asked and of course the reply had been "oh yes, the sight College sex young of your naked breasts was almost too much for me to cope with". Would you like to see them again she asked as she started to unfasten her blouse and what could I do? I just sat there staring at her now partially naked breasts."Why don't you fuck me and young girls feet get what you've wanted all these months"? "We won't tell Maria and what she doesn't know won't hurt her".Liz continued to undress and all the time I was sat staring transfixed at the sight of each part of her body that came into my view. First it was her breasts partially naked as she removed her blouse altogether then totally naked with her delicious nipples pointing at me after she'd dropped her bra to the floor and been kicked away so carelessly. Then her skirt, she had to wriggle to get it over her hips which made me think the school business had been an excuse to dress like a slut or else she'd deliberately come over here with the sole intention of fucking me. Which ever it was I was young teen yo not about to complain, she looked absolutely lovely but she was still wearing her panties and as I reached forward to hook my fingers in the waistband she gave me a little slap. I knew it wasn't a serious slap from the smile on her face but as I took my hands away she grasped them in her hands and guided them to the band again hooking my fingers carefully in the waist so that I could, with her help, draw them down to her ankles. With a flourish she kicked them clear and wherever they landed I had no idea, fuck it we'll find them later.I leaned forward with the intention of placing one of my kisses against her pussy but that was also stopped. Her finger, just one, went into her pussy and after a couple of seconds wiggling it about in there she eased it slowly out and put it in her mouth. During all off this episode I'd sat there dumbfounded with my mouth wide open; not intentionally but she, apparently, found it highly amusing. She gave me a delicious grin and put her finger back in her pussy again. I thought she'd have given it to me to suck but no, the teasing bitch was having her fun at my expense. This time however, she did give it to me but only briefly before she commanded me to stand with young teen masterbation my legs wide apart and with my hands on my hips. Reaching behind her she picked up her handbag and took out a little tiny digital camera young teen bj and took a quick snap of me in this imposing position. I'm not quite sure whether I should call it imposing or aggressive. It reminded me of some tough girl in an American movie just waiting to drop the `baddie' to the floor.`Open the blouse whore" she said almost under her breath now knowing that using that word would turn me on and when I was a little slow in doing it she said "do it quicker whore". I moved a little quicker for her the next time but I was still branded a whore as I dropped my blouse and bra to her orders. It must have been apparent to her that I was so sexually aroused that if she'd fallen against my breasts my nipples would have pierced her chest; they were so hard. She made me return to my pose again with my hands on my hips and chest thrust out so she could photograph me in that pose and frankly I was beginning to feel somewhat aggressive. More photos and she let me move this time to lower my panties but I was stopped when they were part way down and she took several shots of me from a number of different angles, the last one being directly at my wet pussy. Oh, one more she said turning me round and making me lean against the back of the settee, it must have showed my bottom of quite nicely because she took several of me posing there.All that had been terribly exciting of course but I was no nearer to getting fucked was I? She showed younger nude candid me the pictures in the back of the camera and I know it sounds as though I have a big head but they really were exciting photos. But, with that she'd thrown the camera on the settee and grasped me by the upper arms and dragged me to her. The kiss that followed was a bit harsh, much harsher than I liked little young fuck but rather than complain I moved my lips a little hoping it would soften her kiss. It had the required result and the following kisses, and there were lots of them, took on a more tender feel to them. As we kissed her hands which normally would have gone to my breasts, or that's what most women have done, slithered down my back to my bottom. She lifted my skirt and when my bottom was exposed she moved her hands slowly and gently across my buttocks. Oh, so sensuous, I had her hands on my bottom and her tongue young teen masterbation deep in my mouth young barely ilegal and I can't be sure but it seemed as though I said directly into her mouth "hurry and fuck me Liz". She said "I've waited quite a while for this Erica so I'm not about to hurry and American bank young young boys naked her tongue and hands continued to massage those parts of my body they were in contact with.Eventually though she did reach my breasts; or at least one of them; and lowering her head she sucked it inside her mouth. The feeling as my nipple slid into her very wet mouth was quite sensational; it was almost as though my nipple had been well lubricated before she sucked on it. I knew I was now attractive young crossdressers in her hands to do as she wished but so far she'd been slow, very slow, in everything she'd done and I desperately wanted her to get on with it. One of her hands had now reached even further round my bottom and her finger was cruising over and around my anus, pity she didn't insert it. But, I didn't have to wait too long although she must have been quite uncomfortable with one hand near my anus and her other hand holding one of my tits while she tormented the nipple with her mouth and tongue. I could feel my crotch pulling away from her quite involuntarily, as my anus took over and tried to inflict itself on her finger. Moving me back towards her under the influence of her finger as she jabbed it inside me quite sharply made me move pussy back against her.I couldn't wait any longer and I found myself begging her to fuck me. Rather than hurry to do my bidding she slowly moved her finger from my anus and touched me on my pussy. I've got to tell you that in my super aroused state it as like having a needle stuck in me the sensations were so sharp. I'm a resourceful woman so without any prior warning I thrust my pussy forward with a powerful thrust and almost against her will she was deep inside me. I threw my head back probably in passion but later it was almost as though it was in triumph because it was something she apparently hadn't wanted to do at that time. Now, little young fuck I was riding her single finger as though I was riding a racehorse around the track as my speed increased. Her response had been to throw her head sex youngest pics back, not as hard as I'd done, but it gave her the opportunity to see the expression on my face. Afterwards she described the look as being as though I had a red-hot poker up my arse, she couldn't tell whether it was joy or pain but as she said it appeared as though I was determined to ride myself to victory.Before young little loltas I could ride myself to victory though she withdrew her finger and made me stand on the settee with my bottom on the back and then my feet clear of the seat cushions. I thought I'd make the settee overbalance but she kneeled on it and then spread my legs wide. As though she was an art connoisseur she sat back on her heels free young girl and examined my pussy in detail tracing her finger here as though to examine a fault and then tracing her finger there for the same purpose. Couldn't the bitch see I was almost in pain waiting for what I thought of as the inevitable but whilst I was pondering the situation she was making movements with her mouth and jaw. Soon, I was to find out why as when she leaned forward to put her lips on my pussy she stroked one stroke and my pussy was ringing wet. She'd gathered together every drop of her saliva in her mouth and transplanted it to my pussy.As she continued to stroke me with her tongue the sounds reminded me of young sexe boy the noises my kids make with their ice confections as they run their tongues over them, frankly the noise is disgusting. That's disgusting when the kids do it but not of course when Liz makes it as she licks my pussy. Is this what heaven's like? There were sensations running up and down my spine, which although I'd felt them before, because of the illegality of our meeting, I felt even more strongly. young teen ru Imagine if you will her tongue running slowly back and young paradise nude forward across and up and down and circling my pussy and you'll realise I'm with an expert.The torment seemed to continue for hours but of course it wasn't that long before she told me to open my pussy for her and in my state of complete subordination I did. Why couldn't she have done it herself? Well, I guess it was just to show me how much under her control I was. As I opened myself her tongue slid in and snaked about touching me here and there and back to here again before her fingers joined her tongue in teasing the hell out of me. Shortly my legs started to tremble and I made to slide down the back of the settee only to find her fingers rammed even more firmly into my pussy. I straightened my legs again and heard her murmur something that may have been `do as you're fucking well told Erica" but I couldn't be sure. Orgasm was close and the trembling in my legs intensified to the extent that she had to hold me by my bottom to stop me from shaking off the damned settee.Did I fill her mouth? I can only say that during the course Kelli young of her cleaning me up around my pussy she coughed a couple of times and made sounds as though she'd eaten almost as much as she could and was on the verge of choking. Somehow or another she managed to form her delicious tongue into some kind of a hook shape so she wasn't just licking the `cum' from me with the hook shape she was practically dragging the remnants from off my pussy walls.Eventually she let me collapse on the settee, my bottom sliding down the back until I landed on the cushions whereupon she started on another kissing session on me. I was totally satisfied with that single orgasm; I'm generally not one for multiple orgasms. I certainly wasn't going to miss out on the kissing and I joined with her with gusto but eventually the fire in the kisses started to dwindle and when we moved apart she asked me if I'd enjoyed myself? What could I say? Could I say `you are my daughters lover and now you're mine but I said to her "I hadn't even thought about how Maria would feel if she knew". The funny thing being that she was a submissive to my daughter but a dominant with me. I wasn't going to complain though because that's how I like it to be with me.We dressed, she let me dress her and easing her breasts into her bra cups and pulling her panties up to her bottom practically had me gasping again but she took control and made me behave. Mind you, it was a different situation when she helped me to dress, when I was fully dressed she lifted my skirt, eased my panties out of the way and gave me the most rapid two finger fuck I've ever had. With that, when I gave her all of my juices again she put my panties straight, straightened my skirt, gave me a little kiss on the cheek and left me stood there in the middle of the room in a state of bliss. I was probably still in the same state when the phone rang only a few minutes later and she said, "well whore, how was that"? Before I could reply young teen masterbation she'd hung up and left me to get on with whatever it was I had to do but do you think I could remember what my plans for the day were? Not on your life.So I spent the rest of the day, apart from perhaps four or five very quick phone calls from Liz in a state of a perpetual daze. The only relief I got was when I checked my e-mail before I went to pick the kids up from school and it was a pleasant surprise to find she'd written "Hi whore, it won't be too long for you to wait until the next time, I promise".When I picked the kids up from school they must have noticed that something was wrong, I wasn't with them so to speak, I was in a bit of a trance. One thing that was worrying me was whether Maria would find out about us but if she'd walked in whilst Liz was fucking me I wouldn't have stopped her and frankly I couldn't have stopped her.But, I'm going to have to realise that I young erected boys can't let every woman I meet have sex with me, I must look `too easy a target'. One day I'll have to count up just how many women have made love to me but there's always room for one more like Liz isn't there?
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